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COMPASS: enhancing motivation of older learners to learn through cultural materials

COMPASS is an initiative born from the need identified in all partner countries to motivate older learners to take a more active part in lifelong learning. In order to motivate seniors to improve their foreign language skills, educators need to be equipped with the necessary techniques and strategies to do so. COMPASS aims at enhancing professional development of adult educators working with older adults through new training opportunities leading to development foreign language learning materials based on cultural heritage.

Within the project, partners will develop:

The educators participating in the face-to-face learning activity will monitor the work of informal study groups of older learners who will develop Digital Books in a collaborative process: older learners supported by adult educators will prepare foreign language materials based on cultural items of their communities. In its turn, adult educators will enhance their knowledge on instructional design in informal and non-formal foreign language learning environments and social inclusion of older learners.

COMPASS project will be the triggering of motivation of adult learners to engage in lifelong learning process while raising appreciation of local and common European heritage.

The project is coordinated by Kreisvolkshochschule Norden, from Germany counts with the following partners: DomSpain, from Spain; ZINI Foundation, from Latvia; DANTE, from Croatia; Polygonal, from Italy and UNAVE and UAVEIRO, from Portugal, as partners.