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Who We Are

The Foundation for Education and Innovation “Zini” is a non-governmental organisation in Latvia. It was founded in the year 2018 to improve the life quality of adults, promoting their active citizenship and involvement in decision-making processes through education and innovation.

Our activities are primarily focused on building partnerships between Latvia and other states, as well as among the citizens of these states. We are committed to promoting positive changes that provide citizens equal opportunities for intellectual, educational, professional, social, and cultural development, all while ensuring the full exercise of civil rights.


We engage in activities that provide informal and non-formal learning opportunities while encouraging the active involvement of both young people and educators in international social projects and programs.

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The Erasmus+ projects in which we participate aim to actively involve educators, specialists, young people, and the entire community. These initiatives promote lifelong learning and the development of crucial soft skills.

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Here, you will find a rich collection of readily available learning and teaching materials suitable for non-formal and informal education settings. We offer a variety of valuable educational resources to enhance the learning experience.

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For Youth

Latvian Digital Artists Catalogue

We’ve prepared something very special! A catalogue for young people, featuring Latvian illustrators sharing their digital artworks and words of inspiration. You will also find information about study and career opportunities in digital art. Take a look!

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