The organisation was founded by a group of people with teaching experience and knowledge in various fields, such as social inclusion, technologies, education and training, culture and tourism, and accessibility among others, with the aim of helping adults to improve their communication, digital and civic competencies, skills and give them opportunities to develop their social, business and cultural initiatives. 

The main objective is to focus on the opportunities for people, especially disadvantaged groups, such as seniors and people from rural areas, through organising training, workshops, events, and projects. To achieve this objective, the foundation closely collaborates with public bodies, businesses, social and cultural organisations, such as NVO Nams, EU House and the Municipality of Ogre.

Latvia EPALE Ambassadors

We are happy to announce our partnership with Latvia Epale as of this year! ZINI has been honoured to promote the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, have the first chance of attending seminars, webinars and discussions, take participation in events, and also contribute with articles and resources on the platform for more than 3000 visitors each month.

Let Her In Network Members

It is an international network made up of organisations with diverse expertise and experience, ready to share their knowledge, skills and values in order to eliminate the obstacles that women encounter in their equal educational, labour, political and social environments. ZINI offers expertise in civic promotion and builds partnerships with it’s members.