Latvian Digital Artists Catalogue for Youth

Dali4Youth project targets youth workers and young people, especially NEETs, to prepare them to face the needs of the youth sector, by gaining more and improved digital skills, a higher level of creativity and more awareness of the situation NEETs are experiencing. As young people are strongly keen on digital technologies, and art is a great means to express themselves and to connect to others, combining these two elements will help promote social inclusion

The project aims to boost youth workers’ knowledge and competencies of ICT tools to create inclusive environments in their daily practice. The main objective is to make Youth more capable of entering the labour market and taking an active role in society. The project will prioritize the development of digital skills through creativity and art, and raising awareness about the importance of social inclusion among young NEETS, often victims of stereotypes that lead to social exclusion.

This catalogue showcasing digital artists will inspire young individuals to consider a career in digital art or explore related educational pathways. It will serve as a source of motivation for young people and valuable resource material for youth workers discussing the potential opportunities within the field of digital art.

Here you can download it for viewing on mobile or on the desktop. Feel free to print the catalogue and share it with your young people!

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